While travelling is an activity filled with joy and adventure, spending time at the airport is more often than not a hellish experience. Unfortunately for most of us, airports are a necessary part of the travel experience that we have to put up with. As a budget traveller, I find myself spending time at the airport a hell of a lot. This is because I almost always choose the cheapest flights that I can, and if that means three separate planes and nine hour waits at the airport, then that is the price I am willing to pay. But when you are stuck at the airport, what can you actually do to make those hours fly by?


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Read, FFS

Yeh, before Twitter and Buzzfeed ruined my life, there were these things called books that offered entertainment “and so much more”. If you’re an online junkie, you cannot be sure that the airport you are stuck in is going to allow you to connect. I recently had to wait for eight hours at Cancun International Airport (officially my most hated airport in the world) where there is one overpriced café with no plug sockets, and you have to pay for wifi that doesn’t actually work.  Killing time on Buzzfeed was evidently not going to happen and so I pulled out my book and read for hours. Reading is my first love and I *always* carry a book with me. I find it hard to trust people who don’t *not trusting you face*.

Eat way too much

I am not a big eater at all. Even when I am travelling and there are all these new foods to try, I always pace myself because eating loads of food just makes me feel gross. At the airport, that all goes out of the window. I reckon it’s because it’s hard to feel much worse than you are already feeling when you are at the airport, so what does it hurt to buy a meal at every eating establishment in the place? Also, if I am flying to a different country, I find this a good way to use up all the currency because I feel stooopid going to the currency exchange to change up twenty quid. Instead, I spend it on onion rings and beer *beats chest*.

Do some work, you lazy good for nothin’

I am the lazy good for nothin’ in this scenario, not you. Even though I don’t actually have to work very hard in order to maintain an income for travel, I find it ridiculously difficult to motivate myself and put pen to paper. This is because life is so full of distractions, and when you are travelling, it can be full of pretty darn great distractions that are far more appealing than writing product descriptions for some douchebag client (I love all my clients, *kisses*).  Airports are not exciting places to be, but at least without one thousand distractions I can form some semblance of concentration and get on with a few hours of hard work.

And that is that. A guide to killing time at the airport that will increase your productivity and cholesterol. But sometimes, the stress of getting to your hotel, hostel, or guesthouse from the airport is even worse. When I made it to Guadalajara this year, I suddenly realised I had no idea how to get to my apartment, and without being able to speak any Spanish, I spent more than was necessary on airport taxis. Make things easy on yourself and book airport to hotel transfers with On The Beach. Happy travels!

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