imageLet’s be real. One of the best things about going to a Spanish speaking country is having the opportunity to hook up with a Latin lovely. But when your Spanish is less than perfect, this can be an obstacle. It is certainly not the case that all Spanish speaking parts of the world have English speakers, and from my own experience of living in Oaxaca, I almost always had to use Spanish with local gays.

Thank Britney that my Spanish has now reached a somewhat conversational level so that I can have more involved communication with local gays in Mexico and elsewhere in the Spanish speaking world, but actually I didn’t do too badly even before I had those Spanish skills. This is simply because the more you practice a language in a certain area, the more you become a proficient speaker, listener, reader, and writer in that area. And well, I got most of my Spanish learning experience on Grindr.

With hardly any knowledge of Spanish, you can become proficient in Grindr Spanish too. Truthfully, guys on Grindr are generally not so imaganitive, so a few stock phrases to use and understand can be very helpful. Save these to your phone and you’ll be able to maximise your Grindr experience wherever you are in Latin America or Spain.

Hello. (Easy, right?)

Como te llamas?
What is your name?

De donde eres?
Where are you from?

Soy de Place Name.
I am from Place Name

Como estas/Que tal/Que onda?
How are you?

Estoy muy bien.
I am very well.

Estoy caliente/Yo tengo ganas de sexo
I am horny.

Estas caliente/Tienes ganas de sexo?
Are you horny?

Que buscas?
What are you looking for?

I am looking for sex/friendship/friends/dates/fun/kisses
Estoy buscando sexo/amistad/amigos/citas/diversion/besos

Estoy abierto a las posibilidades.
I am open to possibilites.

I am not interested. Sorry.
No estoy interesado. Lo siento.

Eres guapo.
You are handsome.

Estas activo o pasivo?
Are you top or bottom?

Estoy activo/pasivo
I am top/bottom

Cuantos anos tienes?
How old are you?

Donde estas?
Where are you?

Me quedo a Hotel Name
I am staying at Hotel Name

Quieres conocerme?
Would you like to meet me?

Quiero conocerte.
I would like to meet you.

Cuando puedes conocerme?/Cuando estas disponible?
When can you meet?/When are you available?

Puedo conocerte a las 8.
I can meet at 8pm.

Quieres coger/follar?
Do you want to fuck?

Sexo seguro
Safe sex

Do you have a place?
Tienes lugar?

I dont have a place.
No tengo lugar.

Do you have condoms?
Tienes condones?

Massive gay shout-out to Meg of Dopes On The Road fame who gave me the idea for this post. If you have any particular Grindr Spanish requests, just write a comment below and I will translate it for you.

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