I am a worrier through and through. I worry about not having a ‘proper job’ even though I have more cash by working freelance part-time and travelling than I ever did working full-time in London. I worry about never being able to afford to buy a house. I worry about reaching 30 without feeling like I have achieved anything. But one thing I absolutely never worry about is my personal safety, and so I do not share the safety concerns that most people travelling Mexico seem to have. “But aren’t you worried about being robbed on a bus?” No.  “Aren’t you going to be scared to go out at night by yourself?” No. 8767873171_8b5fabb32e_b(1)

Mexico at night, courtesy of Game of light

These kinds of things just do not bother me in the slightest, and the only reason I am even thinking of them is because the moment you tell people that you are visiting Mexico they start to spout all of this nonsense. Back in London, I live in the city’s poorest and most crime afflicted borough. I lived there for most of my twenties, and in that time I had my bag snatched, a camera stolen from me, and I was once beaten up on a bus (although actually that last incident was in central London, not in Hackney). Does it stop me from stumbling back from a club alone at 3am in the morning each and every weekend? Of course not. If somebody is going to mug you, then they are going to mug you. If somebody is going to stab you, then they are going to stab you. I don’t invite trouble by creating arguments on the street, but I also don’t stop living my life the way that I want to live it. For anyone. Anywhere in the world.

And that is why I just have zero level of fear about visiting Mexico, a country that I have wanted to explore properly for such a long time. Just as some people told me not to move to Hackney when in fact it is the only place that has ever felt like home for me, I am convinced that Mexico will be a far more positive experience for me than a negative one – and I won’t let any fears about personal safety get in the way of enjoying a trip that I have wanted to make for such a long time. And yes I will be stumbling back to my hostel at 3am, in a completely inebriated state while wearing micro-shorts, much to the dismay of my mother and every travel blogger who has written a fear-mongering piece about Mexico travel. Sorry ‘bout it.

What is your attitude to personal safety while abroad? Have you visited destinations where you feel unsafe?

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