vintage shopping stockholmI had a total of 48 hours in Stockholm. This meant manically trying to cram in as much as I could and not sleeping all that much. The one thing I was sure I wanted to do on a trip to the city was discover the vintage shopping scene, and perhaps pick up one or two bargains. Well, Stockholm did not disappoint, and I ended up visiting seven vintage clothing stores across the space of an afternoon, leaving me exhausted, penniless, but stocked up on incredible vintage treats.


The hipster, trendy neighbourhood in Stockholm is called Södermalm, and this is where all of the vintage stores I visited were located. I could have jumped across to other islands, but I had a limited amount of time, and the shops here were great. If I had more time, I might have run myself ragged and tried to visit every single vintage place in the city, but in an afternoon, I managed to see and buy a lot in Södermalm. Here’s the lowdown:


Mangle Vintage (Götgatan 37)

This spot was on the north of the island, really close to Slussen station on a main street, so very easy to find. What I noticed when I walked in was that there was a lot less stock than in vintage shops in England, but everything was much more curated. I could tell that real care went into choosing the pieces, and there was an equal mix of male and female clothing. Because Stockholm has a reputation as an expensive city, I was expecting extortionately high prices, but I was really presently surprised. I ended up buying this weird oversized shirt in some polyester material (I’m not selling it, but it’s awesome – so into oversized right now) that cost just 88 kroner! That’s £6.70, and I’d never be able to purchase it for that price in London.

mangle vintage stockholm


Modern Retro (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9)

You know that you’re in a hipster spot when you spot two guys playing backgammon on the street outside a vintage clothing shop, which is exactly what I saw as I approached Modern Retro Vintage. This place was larger, but everything was organised really nicely so it didn’t feel totally overwhelming. But I will say that the prices were higher here. Shirts were more in the 350+ kroner range, which is out of my budget. I did almost purchase some really cool glasses, but in the end, I decided against it. They also had some lovely leather bags.


Uppåt Väggarna Second Hand (Rosenlundsgatan 1)

This place was my #1 place on my little Stockholm vintage tour. The guy working here (I’m guessing that he’s the owner) was really passionate and knowledgable about his stock. At a first glance, there is not a whole lot of menswear in the shop, but he ended up directing me to some super cute shorts, and I ended up buying three pairs of shorts from the 1960s, and the total came in at just over 300 kroner, which is pretty darn impressive. Uppåt Väggarna isn’t just for clothing – if you want to take back a trinket or something for your home, this is also a good place to pick up such an item.

Uppåt Väggarna Second Hand


Herr Judit (Rosenlundsgatan 1)

Sorry ladies, this shop sells vintage menswear only. And if you are more into sharp, formal tailoring than retro baseball shirts, this is definitely the place for you. Most of the items on the racks looked very gentlemanly. But, of course, for this standard of tailoring, you will also pay a bit of a higher price. It’s not all sharp suits and shirts though because I managed to find a reasonably priced and very cool slouchy vest.

herr judit

Beyond Retro (Brännkyrkagatan 82)

With Beyond Retro, I knew what to expect because it’s a British group of vintage stores and I have visited their shop in East London plenty of times. Having said that, I preferred the store here to the one in London because it just seemed better organised, and it was easier for me to find the things I wanted. So much so that I walked out of the shop with a few awesome vintage finds: a high neck stripey t-shirt, some denim shorts, and two pairs of sunglasses – wahey!


Lisa Larsson Second Hand (Bondegatan 48)

My final stop was at this very sleek vintage clothing store, which had quite a lot more women’s than men’s stuff, but the men’s stuff they had was, again, very well curated, and it’s easy to find beautiful pieces. The woman working here was really friendly and helpful, and I ended up walking away with a plain oversized white t-shirt and a strange, short sleeve knitted number that is right up my street. The prices here were very reasonable – I paid just 250 kroner for the knitted t-shirt.

This was the most successful vintage shopping trip I have ever been on! I bought something in every place apart from one, the prices were really reasonable, and I have unique Scandi finds that add something to my closet. I’d return to Stockholm just to do it all over again!


Which is your favourite place in the world for vintage shopping?

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