Excuse the douchey title of this post, but I’m now two weeks away from boarding my flight to Bangkok and embarking on a long ass trip exploring SE Asia (the longest I’ve been away from the UK before has been a month), and so my mind is working overtime with excitement and a little apprehension for the trip that lies ahead.

So here you are, my hopes and fears for my upcoming travel adventure. Let’s start with hopes:


#1. That I have ridico amounts of FUN.














Yes, this is my idea of fun.

It may not be very profound, but all I really want from life is to have fun. I’m in my twenties, I don’t have any dependents, and very few responsibilities – frankly, it would be weird if fun wasn’t right at the top of my agenda. And generally, I find that if I’m having fun, all kinds of other good stuff will follow, such as being more productive, proactive and being inclined to learn more, which brings me neatly on to point 2…


#2. That I learn ‘stuff’.













Learning is a bit good. I like to feel as though I’m learning on a daily basis, but at home that’s mostly through reading as opposed to doing. I love me a bit of book-learning, but I’m guessing that long term travel is going to provide a whole different kind of education. Again, I really don’t know what shape that will take, but I’m going to jump into every experience with an open mind and hope for the best.


#3 That I meet hella amazing people.

If I read a blog post saying ‘it’s about the people, not the places’ one more time I’ll most likely have a cliché induced seizure. Having said that, I am travelling by myself, and while I am very comfortable in my own company, it would be nice to think that I’ll make a friend or two on the road. I’m not always the most open person so it will be a personal challenge for me to do things like start conversations with people, ask people if they’d like to go for dinner, and all that. If I don’t grow a pair it’ll be a lonely road, so I’m sure I’ll make it happen.


And my deepest, darkest travel fears:

#1 That working on the road will spoil my travel experience.

In 2012 I slogged my guts out so that I could get to the point where I can lead a ‘location independent’ life. This means that my laptop is coming on the road with me and I’ll be working as I travel. I have never done this before, in fact my previous travel experiences have all been an escape from work. I love nothing more than to shut down my computer, log-out of Facebook and forget that the business world and the online world exist when I’m away from home. But this time I’m not going to have that pleasure and I’m a little frightened that it’s going to make the experience of traveling less enjoyable. We’ll see.


#2 That I turn into a hippy.

Nude, dreadlocked hippies – try not to gip in your mouth.

Okay, this isn’t a real fear – it would just *never* happen in a million. But can you imagine if it did? Eurgh. My aversion to hippies is not born of any kind of hatred, just complete difference. I cannot imagine a group of people that I am less like, and there are always packs of them ‘sharing’ their unlistenable folk music on the beach. I like to Cheryl Cole swan dive ‘in da club’ and lolz myself into a stupor over Reality TV gifs, they like to fire juggle and matt their hair into disgusting dreadlocks – it’s apples and oranges.


#3 That this *whole* travel thing is one big mistake.












This is my biggest fear. I’ve lived in the UK, and in London specifically, pretty much all my life. I know the place inside out. And yet this year I started to feel lost in the city I call home, where I have tonnes of friends, and where I could have a stable life with a well paid job if I wanted. It’s an unsettling feeling and I’m pretty sure that one of the ways I’m dealing with that feeling is by booking a plane ticket far away and making myself ‘lost’ on purpose. And I’m not sure how all of that icky stuff is going to pan out when I’m on the road.

And there you have it – my very honest hopes and fears about my forthcoming travel trip. If you’ve been on a long trip, what were your hopes and fears before departing, and were any of them realised?

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