I grew up in a major city, I’ve always lived in a major city, and it’s the bustle of city life that I tend to be attracted to. So visiting Kerala and falling so hard for it was a little bit of a surprise for me. Unlike other parts of India, Kerala is pretty laid back. Kerala’s big cities aren’t so big, nor are they all that city-like. In the month I was there, I only drank alcohol occasionally and was in bed by 10pm most nights. Completely unlike me, but for that one month I enjoyed a different kind of life. And I even recall thinking at one point that I’d never felt so relaxed before.

In the beautiful mountain town of Munnar, I even discovered a love of walking. Say what? At home, I do not exercise *at all*, nor do I have any desire to. But I couldn’t just spend my days eating parathas and drinking chai tea (I probs could have, actually) so I donned my walking boots and got to walking through the stunning landscape of this hill station in Kerala.

For somewhere with such breathtaking landscape, Munnar weirdly doesn’t have a huge trekking scene. But I was staying in a cool little guesthouse that also provided guided walks, so no excuses, it was time for me get breathless and sweaty and give this nature thing a go. As well as being averse to exercise, I’m also no big fan of early mornings. My Munnar trekking experience started at 5.30am, which in any sensible world is the time you come home from a club rather than the time you wake up, but as soon as I started walking in the early morning Munnar mist, I confess that the town grabbed me by the soft and squishies.

You really can’t beat a view like this, even if you are bleary eyed at 5.30 am. Right?

We ascended through tea plantations (and our very lovely guide, Sree, told us all about the history of the plantations, the workers’ lives, and the nature of tea picking) to a peak of 2100 metres where we tucked into a slightly odd but satisfying breakfast of boiled eggs, bread, pineapple jam and tea.


Climb every mountain, ford every stream etc etc…

And then the descent. These un-exercised legs of mine were feeling the burn. But fortunately we passed through enough interesting “stuff” (cardamom, coffee, fruits, and of course loads more tea plants) for me to walk through the burn.


All in all, it was a bloody brillz day and I’m thrilled I got into so many nooks and crannies of this beautiful Kerala town on foot. If you’re interested in a spot of trekking in Munnar, then holler at the lovely guys at Green View. Happy trekkin’!

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