How's it goin'? David here - a full time homosexual type who's a bit keen on travel. On December 31st 2012, I flew to Bangkok to kick off a massive travel adventure. Expect posts about hot locals, dodgy gay bars, and how the humidity is messin' with my hair.

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Posts tagged "Vegetarianism"
The vegetarian's guide to Penang

The vegetarian’s guide to Penang

When you tell somebody that you are visiting Penang, the usual response is “Oh, there’s amazing food there.” There probably is but the vast majority of it contains meat or fish and I ain’t putting that in my mouth for anybody.  So what’s a vegetarian to do in Penang? I won’t lie, you probably won’t...
The vegetarian's guide to Phnom Penh

The vegetarian’s guide to Phnom Penh

Travelling around southeast Asia as a vegetarian can sometimes be a struggle. The region is well known for its street food and yet it’s not really possible for vegetarians to eat at popular hawker stalls because the food is usually pretty meaty, and even if it doesn’t appear to include meat or fish, it could...
My new favourite eating spot: The Chiang Mai Vegetarian Centre

My new favourite eating spot: The Chiang Mai Vegetarian Centre

Travelling as a vegetarian isn’t always the easiest thing. As I travel through Thailand, I have to be extra vigilant because some of the delicious looking things for sale on the side of the road might appear to be vegetarian at a first glance, but could very well contain ingredients such as fish sauce. I...