I have made it no secret on this blog that I’m not the biggest beach fan in the world, but all of that changes if the beach in question is swarming with homosexuals. Gay tourists visiting Sydney will be pleased to know that the city is not only teeming with gay men, but with gay and gay-friendly beaches as well. If you are looking for a slice of sun, sea, and sand next to a slice of scantily clad man then get your bottom to Sydney and visit these gay beaches asap.



Drag on the beach, courtesy of Neal Jennings.

Obelisk Beach

Obelisk Beach is the most popular gay beach in Sydney, but it’s still pretty quiet in comparison to the backpacker saturated areas such as Bondi Beach. This means that you won’t have to fight for a patch of sand, and you have a good chance of making some new friends while you top up your tan and take in the spectacular view of Sydney Harbour on the horizon. Obelisk Beach is a nude beach so expect some strange looks if you continue to wear your speedos – but who are we kidding? You’ll have them off at the first “Could you lotion my back?” Getting to this beach is also pretty simple as the 244 bus runs roughly every half an hour to Chowder Bay Road where the beach is located.

Lady Jane Beach

If you are of the rotund, hairy variety of gay man you will feel right at home at Lady Jane Beach as it is extremely popular with bears. This beach also has a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour and you’ll have no problem finding a patch of sand for yourself – but unlike Obelisk, this beach does attract some tourists who enjoy staring at the dangly bits of its patrons. So, as you have probably ascertained Lady Jane Beach is a nude beach as well. You’ll be given funny looks for wearing speedos by the guys in the buff, and you’ll also get funny looks from tourist onlookers when you’ve got your kit off – so this beach is definitely one for the self assured.

Bondi Beach

If you are planning a visit to Sydney then you most probably already have Bondi Beach etched into your travel itinerary. But it’s the secluded north side of Bondi Beach that you have to visit if you want to find the cream of Sydney’s homosexual crop. Right beside the beach there is an outdoor gym environment, so unsurprisingly the beach is filled to brimming with super fit guys. So that’s nice, isn’t it?

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