Whenever I venture to a new city, I am keen to find my way around the gay scene as a priority. With that said, I’ve gone through some changes in the last year – I no longer drink, and I prefer to go to bed early. So upon arriving in Stockholm, I was definitely excited to visit a few gay hot-spots in the city, but I was also worried that I wouldn’t feel comfortable because I don’t do the all night drinking thing anymore.

But what I found in Stockholm was a gay scene unlike any other that I’d ever experienced before, and it was perfect for my new lifestyle. On the Stockholm gay scene, bar culture and café culture blend together so that the gay drinking spots in the city feel far more relaxed and laid back than a gay bar in London, for example. In my home city of London, the culture revolves around pubs and drinking, and when you go out, you get totally smashed. In Stockholm, the lay of land was pretty different, and it was a refreshing discovery.

radisson bluAfter a rest in the Radisson Blu Strand, right on the water, I was prepared to discover the very best of Gay Stockholm. These are some of the café-meet-bar gay and gay friendly places that I enjoyed the most:

Chokladkoppen, Stortorget 18

On my first evening in Stockholm, I was wandering around Stockholm’s endlessly beautiful old town area, and I bumped into this gay café/restaurant entirely by accident. It’s located in a picturesque plaza, and you can sit outside and watch street entertainers do their thing and hot Scandi types walk by. The rainbow flags were a-flyin’ outside so it was clear to me that this was a place where I’d be welcome and where I might spot some local gay guys. The waiter was very welcoming, but I’m not sure if any of the other clientele were actually gay. Still. It was a great place to have a sandwich and start my evening before the night really got under way.


Torget, Mälartorget 13

Also located in the old town (also known as Gamla Stan) is Torget, which serves both food and drinks but has more of a lounge feel to it. I didn’t have any food here so I can’t recommend anything specifically, but I can say that the drinks were pretty reasonably priced for Stockholm (where the cost of having a drink in a bar can bankrupt you) and that the atmosphere was friendly. Well, perhaps a bit too friendly. The guys here really didn’t mind staring, but I actually don’t mind that so much. The crowd was a bit older, and it wasn’t exactly a happening party place, but for a pre-drink, I’d definitely pop my head inside again.

The Secret Garden, Kornhamnstorg 59

Just around the corner from Torget, The Secret Garden was probably my favourite place on the Stockholm gay scene. Just like Chokladkoppen and Torget, The Secret Garden serves up food, but this place felt more lively and it genuinely had the best of both café and bar culture. There is plenty of seating both inside and outside, and there is also a garden area in the property so you are likely to find somewhere to have a seat even on a Friday night. There was a nice mix of both gay and straight people here, and I felt totally comfortable as somebody visiting alone.

the secret garden

Sidetrack, Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7

If you walk for twenty minutes or so from the old town, or simply hop on the metro, you’ll find yourself in the trendy neighbourhood of Sodermalm. This is where you’ll find vintage shops, cool independent fashion boutiques, hipsters on the streets, and a few gay bars too. Sidetrack is a local, friendly place that serves food until 11pm but then things heat up and the party will keep going into the early hours. If you don’t enjoy clubbing but still want a taste of Stockholm’s gay nightlife, Sidetrack would be a great choice. And because it’s located in the trendy neighbourhood of Stockholm, you’ll be able to sidle up to some cute hipster boys.

Have you ever visited Stockholm? Which is your favourite gay café or bar in the city?

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