The last couple of months have been supremely weird for me. After ten months of travel across seven different countries, I felt the pangs of homesickness desperately. I love travelling but all of the people I love are at home in London. I just wanted to see my family and friends, so I booked myself a flight out of Mexico and returned to London.

I landed in London on October 29th, and though it was great to see my Mum and my Sister when I arrived home, I could tell instantly that something wasn’t quite right. I never quite understood posts from other travel bloggers who wrote about how difficult it was to return back to home life. I was entirely ready for it. All I wanted was to see my friends I hadn’t seen in ages and to get myself a proper job.

But walking the streets of my home city, I just didn’t feel at home. This was a massive and completely unexpected blow. Seeing London’s workers crowded around Liverpool Street Station at 6.30pm ready to take their commute home really put me off the whole “get a job” plan. When I returned, I was even offered some job opportunities so I didn’t have to worry about the horrendous job application process – but it still didn’t feel like the right thing to me.


Crowded Liverpool St Station courtesy of  David Singleton.

After a lot of pondering, I decided to return to Mexico and try to make a home for myself in Mexico City. Here’s why:

– Although I didn’t want to resume my regular life in London, I also didn’t want to go travelling again. The idea of marching from place to place with just my backpack has lost its sheen for me. What I want is to try and make a home for myself somewhere abroad where I can continue my work as a freelance writer.

– Having said that, I will want to make some trips and Mexico City is ideally located right in the middle of Mexico so I can see more of the country on short trips. It is also very well connected by flights so I have the option of flying to places that are a little further afield.

– I have already visited this city, and I know that I love it – and there is still loads more for me to explore. There are 25 million people living here and so many different kinds of neighbourhoods  – this is exactly the kind of place that makes me want to settle for a while. Forget small-town life, I am a big city guy.

– There is a boy. But I am not going to elaborate on that because with my track record it will inevitably go tits up.

mexico city cafe

A typical eatery in Mexico City.

And so I am living in Mexico City! Exactly what this means for the blog I am not sure since I am not backpacking anymore. But you can still expect lots of posts from my time here in Mexico as well as posts from my adventures in Asia this year that I’ve not yet had a chance to write about.

If you are passing through the city, make sure that you say hello!

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