Hrrrrrrnk. We are in the thick of Gay Pride season, and with more than 50 annual LGBT events taking place throughout Europe in July and August, it’s time to party. BUT it’s essential that you do so responsibly, especially when it comes to homo bumpin’.


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Do you have a Condom?

There is no excuse for blaming a breakdown in communications for an unprotected whirl between the sheets. Wherever you might be, here’s how you can ask that hot local for a condom.

Dutch – Heb je een condoom?

French – Avez-vous un preservative?

German – Haben sie ein kondom?

Italian – Avete un preservative?

Portuguese – Você tem uma camisinha?

Spanish – ¿Tienes un condón?

Hopefully, these phrases will protect you from having to mime the action of putting on a rubber in the middle of a packed dance floor.

Alternatively, you can stock up from the NHS Freedoms shop.


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Get yourself tested beforehand

The conscientious among us will get tested before embarking on a big Pride adventure. Even if you’re 99.99% sure that it’s all clean and dandy down there, it’s worth having a final check.

Never Double Bag

The theory: ‘double the bags, double the protection’ is definitely a lie. Two lubricated condoms can rub against each other and subsequently fall off, plunging you straight into the danger zone. If you are doubling up in order to reduce the stimulation and make yourself last longer, try a different method instead.

Get Home Advantage

And if you’re staying in a hotel during pride and planning to meet, always try and get them to join you there. You are better able to control things on home turf, and this means that you can ensure that you have safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sex.

Trust your Instincts

This one sounds a little obvious, but go with your gut feeling about someone – if you’re not comfortable, or something seems a little off, then get out of there. Sex should *always* be something that feels comfortable so make that your priority this Pride season.

Pride events are a fantastic way of meeting new, like-minded people so it can be a little tempting to get carried away. Stay safe and have fun guys!

This post was put together with help from the Freedoms Shop

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