Today, I went on a wee day trip to Rabbit Island (or Koh Tonsay as it is otherwise known). Where is Rabbit Island, I hear you ask. I will tell you. Rabbit Island is an island (schocker) about 4km off the coast of Cambodia and makes an ideal day trip from the coastal town of Kep, where I am currently resting my head in just about the best value accommodation I’ve found on my whole five month trip ($5 a night room at the amazing Treetop Bungalows).

rabbit island beach

Beach life.

So what makes Rabbit Island appealing and what exactly do you do when you are there? I will tell you.

Kep is a charming little town in the south of Cambodia but the beach there is pebbly and it’s really not a sunbathing location. Most people go there to eat crab. But one place nearby that has the complete beach experience is Rabbit Island, and it’s a cheap way of grabbing a little beach time as there are multiple tour operators in Kep offering $7 return journeys to the island.

rabbit island boat

Ahoy, Captain.

There isn’t a huge amount to do on Rabbit Island, but since when do you need to be occupied with activities when you have soft sand under your feet, an ocean right in front of you, and hardly anybody else around? The pattern of my day was: got on the boat for the island at 9am, arrived at 9.30am, took a 2 hour walk around the island, found a hammock and fell asleep, had some lunch, treated myself to a $7 coconut oil massage, read a book in a hammock, got the return boat back to the mainland at 4pm. Perfection.

rabbit island kep

Walking around the island.

rabbit island massage

Massage anyone?

If you feel a little more adventurous, I found one spot on the island that rents kayaks for $3 an hour and other wee shack that organises fishing trips around the island. If you really want to unwind, this would be a great place for not just a day trip, but to spend a few days. There are numerous beachfront bungalows on Rabbit Island so why not take it easy, slap on some sun lotion, and enjoy this charming little slice of Cambodia?

rabbit island accommodation

Bungalows on Rabbit Island

rabbit island hammock

Reading in a hammock – it never gets old

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