Luang Prabang is a town that is chock-full of temples. It’s impossible to walk for five minutes without stumbling upon some grand feat of Lao Buddhist architecture. While I may not be the hugest fan of visiting temples, it’s still nice to see so many of them dotted around the streets of Luang Prabang, in between the bakeries, guesthouses and massage joints. With so many temples here, the town is absolutely bursting at the seams with monks. In spite of the monastic commitment to living simple lives, the monks’outfits are serving up some major sass, and I love seeing their fluoro orange robes approaching in the distance.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of Luang Prabang’s sassy monks.

monks luang prabangmonks luang prabang 1monks luang prabang 4monks luang prabang 2monks luang prabang 6monks luang prabang 3

monks luang prabang 7

monks luang prabang 5


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