Bend me over and call me Juanita – I’m going to Mexico! Yup, after eight months travelling across Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia I am all noodled out, and on September 17th I am hawling my gay bottom over to central America – and I could not be any more excited. For real, I’m squealing like a power bottom with his legs in the air just at thought of this trip. Why so? Well, I have actually been to Mexico before, but only for one week in Oaxaca (it was for a medical trial testing a drug for travellers’ diarrhea – I got paid to fly to Oaxaca, eat loads of great food, and keep a ‘stool diary’). It was one of the most special places I have ever visited and I cannot wait to return and properly get to grips with the whole country. In fact, before departing for southeast Asia, Mexico was actually my #1 choice of backpacking destination, but to kick off my journey I decided to be sensible and opt for somewhere that was cheaper and that was in a time zone that made it easier to work with my predominantly British clients. But screw it – I am done with rice forever more and I am going to Mexico.

Here are some of the things that I am excited about and not so excited about for my upcoming Mexico jaunt:

Beer, tequila, and mezcal

I am basically a boozehound and Mexico is one of the best places for booze in the world. The local beers are exceptional (I remember one from my last trip that tasted like lychees and I wanted to be put on a drip for this stuff) and I also love tequila and mezcal and cannot wait to drink gallons of the stuff against my better judgment.











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Tortilla soup, tlayudas, huevos rancheros… the list goes on

I have made it no secret that my time in southeast Asia has not been a culinary adventure for me, because I’m just not so keen on the food from this region of the world. But Mexico – Mexico is a whole different kettle of fish and I am *obsessed* with Mexican grub. A piping hot bowl of tortilla soup ranks in my top 3 meals, I am going to slurp down vats of it in Mexico, and you cannot stop me. In the UK, there are very few Mexican people and as a result the Mexican food isn’t really up to scratch – I am going to make the most of this time in the land of smoky tortillas and salsa and eat far far too much.


Get it inside me. Image courtesy of jkleske

The fiery Latinos and Latinas

Mexican people are full of passion and life, and I had a great time hanging out with them on my last trip. I am mega excited to get to know all kinds of different people in this huge country, and of course to get to know the pockets of gay culture that exist throughout Mexico.

Hablas espanol?

I recall from my last trip to Mexico that English is not widely spoken. After booking my flight to Mexico, I began teaching myself Spanish every day, but a month of learning has hardly turned me into a Spanish conversationalist, and so I am a little worried about my ability to communicate while in the country. I am also excited to pick up Spanish as I travel and to better understand the language, but I’m mostly full of fear at making a fool of myself by saying the wrong things, of trying to decipher scraps of Spanish on Mexican websites, and getting frustrated at not being able to speak to people in the way I would like to.

Staying in hostels

I hate staying in hostels. I hate, hate, hate it. Having to endure people’s snoring, sharing a room with douchebag 19 year olds, and just generally having a feeling of zero privacy is something that I find hard to endure. I have managed to avoid them in most places in southeast Asia thanks to the mega-cheap accommodation that can be found in this part of the world. In Mexico, accommodation is a little more expensive, and the cost of a single room in Cambodia would be the cost of a place to rest your head in a 12 bed dorm in Mexico. This means, thanks to my Spartan backpacker budget, that I will be spending a lot more time in dorm rooms. And the thought of it makes me want to scream. But not like a power bottom with his legs in the air – like a power bottom who has found 2 inches within a pair of boxer-briefs.

All in all, I am way more excited about this trip than I am scared about it. After all, I have now been travelling for over eight months as a solo backpacker without feeling lonely or bored or fed up (for the most part, anyway). So here comes Part 2 – eeeeep.


If you’ve spent any time in Mexico, I would really love to know your tips on what to see and where to go.

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