As I wander across south-east Asia, I am experiencing a love/hate relationship with the all pervasive night markets, which seem to exist in every village, town and city. In theory, market culture is awesome – it brings people from the community together, locals and tourists eat and shop side by side, and it allows people with a creative or culinary talent to sell their wares and make a living. But I just find that most of the markets in SE Asia are way too similar to each other, and I was spending hours looking at the same old tat in every town I visited – particularly in Thailand.

Well, good news. Luang Prabang’s night market is awesome. It sells stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else before, never mind in SE Asia, and I was even persuaded to buy some ‘stuff’ from the chatty stall owners, who are more than willing to engage in a dialogue about their products.

But what can you actually purchase at Luang Prabang’s night market? Here’s what.

Down a wee alley just off from the night market, you can gorge yourself on a veggie buffet for the teeny tiny price of 10,000 kip (85p) for a plate. And it’s delicious. luang prabang night market food

Thanks to the French influence on Luang Prabang, you can fill your boots with all kinds of cake. Fatty fatty boom boom.

luang prabang night market cakes Looking for something unique to hang on your bedroom wall? There are a tonne of stalls that sell Lao art, and more often than not the stall owners are also the artists. luang prabang night market art luang prabang night market art 2

While you’re at it, pick up one of these super-cool lightshades for a bargain¬†price of about three quid. I bought two!

luang prabang night market lightshades If you have a penchant for coffee that tastes like dirt, I highly recommend nabbing a packet of local Lao coffee. luan prabang night market coffee

A friend of mine recently had a wee baby girl – cut to me buying an assortment of elephant adorned baby bibs from the night market.luang prabang night market bibs

These cloth books are incredible. They are all hand stitched, and make a wonderful gift for a Lao kid as they can’t get damaged by storms in the rainy season. Again, I bought two. luang prabang night market cloth books

As cute as cute can be, handmade toys and puppets.

luang prabang night market toys This woodwork-y stuff reminded me just how bad I was at woodwork in my school days. luang prabang night market woodwork

Oh look, it’s the remnants of dead animals. luang prabang night market animals






























I had one night on the Lao whisky while here, and I will never NEVER drink it again. Potent. The whisky at the market comes with extra snake.

luang prabang night market whisky






























I get so bored of my limited selection of clothes on the road. So I bought myself a traditional shirt for four quid. luang prabang night market shirts

These bracelets are not just bracelets. They are made from the bombs that ravaged the country during the Secret War. What an incredible way of redefining the war and the progress that Lao people have made through an artistic endeavour that helps village people. Incredible.

luang prabang night market bracelets luang prabang night market bracelets text Handmade notebooks, ahoy. In my non-bloggy life, I work as a writer, so I’m always on the lookout for a decent notebook. luang prabang night market notebooks

Laos in March is bloody hot. If I didn’t risk looking like even more of a flouncy mo than I already do, I’d be all over these parasols.

luang prabang night market parasols The guy who owned this stall, gave me a demonstration of a Lao violin – beautiful indeed, but it wasn’t on a Britney level of musical perfection. If you have a musical friend back home, a Lao violin would be a totally awesome gift. lao musical instruments

The night market is home to quite a few stalls selling bespoke stamps. Provide them with a drawing or a photograph, and they will create a really high quality stamp out of it. Awesome.

luang prabang night market stamps So, anything catch your eye at the Luang Prabang night market?

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