Unlike most people who come to Thailand, I felt very reluctant to move on from Bangkok and head south to the islands, but I’d already extended my time in the big city by two days and so it was time for me to move on to Koh Samui and get a bit of beach action. It’s a tough life, I know. After a taxi to the bus station, an overnight bus, a ferry and a songthaew trip to Lamai beach, I had arrived. I try to travel with an open mind, but it doesn’t always work out (!) and in the first half an hour of being on Koh Samui I had more or less made up my mind that I didn’t like the place. Lamai beach felt like one big resort to me, which is fine, but the view of fat Germans spilling over their speedos to my left and the fat Brits spilling over their speedos to my right was all too much for me. Half of me admired the lack of self consciousness the fatties in their speedos had (I wish I had that level of confidence or at least absence of self awareness), but the other half of me just wanted to be around people who were a little more like myself.

Somehow I made it through 4 days on the island. I found a sort-of deserted spot on the beach, and the rest of the time I ate cheap food in the couple of markets that Lamai plays host to, and drank cheap cocktails out of a van. But when the morning came to leave the island, I felt positively euphoric. I’m now on Koh Phangan and I feel far more comfortable here.

It kinda sucks to end up somewhere on your travels where you really don’t want to be, but with my bag on my back, I can at least be hopeful that the next place will be more to my taste. And I still want to remember the travel experiences that I don’t love so much, so in that spirit, here are a bunch of photos from Lamai, Koh Samui.

Not a terrible place to get some work done, I suppose.

How does a cocktail stand in the street offer free wifi?

The beginnings of a Koh Samui sunset.

Okay, it doesn’t seem too bad now I look back at the pictures. But would I return? Never.

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