koh rong

Beach posts are so bloody dull. There was sand, there was ocean, I got a tan. So guess what I’ve got up my sleeve for you today? A beach post. *Shoves a fistful of sand into my mouth*

But wait, before you disappear, I have one thing to say that I think might make this beach post slightly more acceptable. And it’s that Koh Rong plays host to genuinely the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen in my life. But so what? Who cares? You’re right, it’s indisputable – this post has failed even as I sit here and right it in draft mode. But I can’t deny the fact that somebody like me, who is not a beach person at all, got some major swoons for a beach, and it’s 100% out of character.

koh rong 2

koh rong 3

Before making my way to Koh Rong, I stayed on Otres beach for a couple of nights. I heard so many wonderful things about Otres beach from fellow travellers and from online blog posts that I was sure I was going to be in for a treat. It is such an average beach. But in fact it’s worse because it’s full of hippies and flies. Matted dreadlocks as far as the nose can smell, and so many flies swarming around me at all times that at one point I screamed. Not a scream of fear, a scream of pure anger and frustration.

koh rong 1

Koh Rong was different. The sand was whiter and finer, the water so beautifully clear, and hardly a hippie to be found. Plus, it’s big enough to have a huge portion of sand all to yourself in case you want to ignore every other person on the island (I’m a bit like that – sorry ‘bout it).

Remarkably, the main beach on the island isn’t even the island’s most beautiful. One morning, I decided to trek across the jungle of the island to Long beach. This is the only way that you can get there – the island doesn’t have any roads. Even though it was the morning time, it was still sweltering hot, and the trek is arduous at times. I was trekking by myself and it started to piss down with rain, while still feeling crazy hot, and I wasn’t sure if this Long beach was going to be worth the trouble. It was. Undeniably, it was. This was a 7km white sand beach that I had all to myself. There was not one single other person when I arrived at 10.30am and I immediately jumped into the ocean, which I also love in this place because it’s very shallow and I’m a terrible swimmer.

koh rong jungle

An hour trekking across the jungle…

koh rong long beach

… and you will arrive at Long beach.

It was just beautiful. A moment of finding something really special – the kind of moment that you always imagine you will have traveling, when in fact so much of it is trying not to get annoyed by other backpackers, feeling frustrated at having to wear the same t-shirt again, and attempting to get tuk tuk drivers to reduce their fee by a dollar.

koh rong long beach 1

koh rong long beach 2

koh rong long beach 4

Like blood from a stone, Koh Rong has my official beach endorsement. *Slow clap*

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