I have been living in Oaxaca since the beginning of June, and it’s been everything that I wanted it to be. I decided to move away from Mexico City, even though I love that city deeply too, because I wanted somewhere with a lower cost of living and also somewhere quieter so that I could dedicate more time to my creative writing.

Oaxaca has been exactly that. I spend my days writing, reading, and sunbathing on my roof, walking around town while looking at the churches and grabbing ice creams on the go, and visiting local markets where I can buy super delicious Mexican fruits and other goodies.

During my time here I have been very snap happy and have posted a heap of Oaxaca photos to my Instagram account. Here are some of my top picks:

Enjoying #Oaxaca at night. #Mexico
This was the first photo I took in Oaxaca when I arrived in June. This place takes on an other worldly quality at dusk.


Santo Domingo, #Oaxaca #Mexico
May favourite cathedral in Oaxaca – Santo Domingo. I spend so much time sitting outside this church and writing.


Always some kind of #protest happening in #Oaxaca #Mexico
Oaxaca is a very politically charged place. There is always some kind of protest or demonstration happening.



Cuuuute building in #Oaxaca #Mexico. #NoFilter
How does this building even exist? So cute.


Un molote. #Oaxaca #Mexico #StreetFood
A yummy Oaxacan street food snack – molotes


I worked completely through the night last night :( But at least I got to see #Oaxaca at dawn.
This was taken when I had to stay up all night for work. The plus side is that I got to see the sun rise from my flat.


Just had an argument with a hairdresser in #Oaxaca #Mexico and got kicked out of the joint! Oopsy.
Inside a hairdressers in Oaxaca. I actually ended up having an argument with the owner and got kicked out of the joint. Oopsy.


Plaza Santo Domingo. #Oaxaca #Mexico
A guy selling raspas (kinda like smoothies with chili) outside Santo Domingo on a cloudy day.


#Tlacolula #Oaxaca #Mexico
This is the main cathedral in Tlacolula, where there is a huge market every Sunday.


Market day in #Tlacolula #Oaxaca #Mexico
Women at Tlacolula market selling fruit – that big pile of yellow fruit are nanches.


#pambazo #Oaxaca #Mexico
A food vendor in El Llano park selling me a pambazo – a fried sandwich that alread has fried ingredients inside.


Una nieve de leche quemada es tipica de #Oaxaca #Mexico
I remembered to take a photo of my leche quemada flavoured nieve before tucking in.


Street food in action. #Oaxaca #Mexico #StreetFood
A typical street food scene.


#Guelaguetza #Oaxaca #Mexico
This parade was part of the Guelaguetza celebrations in July.


#Oaxaca #Mexico
When I walk from the centre of town back to my flat, this is the road I take. So beautiful.


#Guelaguetza #Oaxaca #Mexico
Another snap from the Guelaguetza celebrations. This time of the muxes – a third gender that live in parts of Oaxaca. Essentially they are biological males who choose to wear makeup and wear dresses etc. They don’t consider themselves men or women – they are simply muxes.


Found some sweet treats on the streets. #Oaxaca #Mexico #StreetFood
Some tasty looking marshmallow desserts being sold on the street.


#Guelaguetza #party #Oaxaca #Mexico


#Oaxaca #Mexico
Another cathedral snap. Oaxaca has a tonne of beautiful churches.


Found myself an apartment in #Oaxaca. Check out the view! #Mexico
And finally – the view from my apartment in Oaxaca. I can’t believe I get to look at this every day.


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