I have been in Mexico City for a little under one month now. Before I arrived here, I was travelling for around ten months in various far-flung places. I generally think that it’s a great idea to “live like a local” even if using the phrase does make you look like a complete and total dick. Here in Mexico City, I am doing my best to live like a Mexican by shopping at my local market and trying new foods at street food stands. But something that I absolutely cannot get my head around in any place I have visited is the drinking culture. In my opinion, my home of Great Britain has got its drinking culture exactly right.

Here are the reasons why my blessed UK is the best place in the world to sink some drinks.

1.       Pubs, not bars.

Bars with all their chrome and mirrors are totally not for me. I want carpet on the floor, I want a roaring fireplace, I want strange ornaments and knick-knacks lining the windowsills. To me, this environment is so much more conducive to having a good time with your friends than in a bar where I cannot possibly hear anyone talk.


Image via Kurt

2.       Drinking hours.

Okay, this is the main reason that I think Britain has a superior drinking culture – we start early and finish early. If one of my friends called me at 11pm in London and asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink 1. I would already be in bed so I would not answer the phone, 2. That would never happen in London anyway, and 3. If by some miracle I was awake, I would tell them that they are completely mental, and that 11pm is the time for sleeping, not drinking. Here in Mexico, and in many other places, people do not hold the same view. And people here think I am crazy because I want to start drinking at 7, which for me makes much more sense. The end of the work day is exactly the time I want to sink a few, not when I’m feeling all cozy in my pyjamas. Ask me to go for a beer at 11 and this will be my response:


Gif via newnownext

3.       Pints, pints, pints.

I feel like such a pansy drinking out of a bottle. Give me a pint of beer from the tap, please.


Image via lint01

4.       Daytime drinking

On the weekend I want to start drinking at lunchtime, because why wouldn’t I? Other countries do not have such a daytime drinking culture and I get annoyed as hell when I want a pint of Guinness at 1pm but I would be the only person drinking.


There are many things that annoy me about the UK – why do you think I am living in Mexico? But our drinking culture is not one of them. When I think of our glorious after-work pub culture, I simply beam with national pride.

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