My first stop in India was New Delhi – the hectic capital. I was sure that if there was one place in India where I’d find some gay life it would be there. But after much frantic Googling, I could find very little to explore. Fortunately, there are a couple of gay saunas in the city, and with just two nights in the city, I decided to visit both of them. Here’s my experience…

Spartacus Spa (Building No. 7, 3rd Floor, Arjun Nagar, Kotla Mubarakpur, opposite Defence Colony)

First of all, this place is really hard to find. In fact, everything in Delhi is really hard to find because most of the streets don’t have any signs and most of the buildings don’t have any numbers – helpful. Then consider a gay sauna in a country where same sex “relations” is illegal, and you can probably imagine how hard it is to find such a place in the city.

I wandered around in the area for over an hour before actually finding this place. So that you don’t have the same experience, here’s what you need to do. Get an auto rickshaw driver to take you to the defence colony. Walk from the defence colony in a southerly direction, and if you have reached the Toyota dealership you have gone too far. It is before the Toyota dealership in a building on the right, with a little rainbow flag in a stair well instructing you to go upstairs.

spartacus spa delhiThis is the tiny little sign you need to look out for.

I arrived at 9pm, which is really just too late to go to a sauna in India, or actually, anywhere in Asia. They tend be at their busiest at around 6-7pm, but because I had such trouble finding the place, I was later than I wanted to be.

The staff here were pretty friendly. I forgot to put my shorts in the locker, which contained my smartphone and my wallet, so it was really good and honest of them to let me know. Entrance is 1000 rupees (£10), which I think is pretty steep, but then you can have a massage for just 500 rupees (£5) and some of the masseurs in this place are super cute.

The inside was small but I was impressed with the facilities. The steam room was powerful and the sauna was spacious – the owner definitely invested some money to make it a nice place. There were a few other guys while I was there, and one of them was cute, but I’d imagine it would have been a different story if I had arrived earlier in the evening.

The massage rooms looked nice, but I couldn’t see any private rooms – perhaps the massage rooms doubled up in their functionality. One thing to note is that I was not given any condoms or lube upon arrival, so be sure to bring your own.

Would I go back to Spartacus Spa? I probably would, but I would just arrive earlier in the evening.

G-Spa (130/2, Mahendra Singh Road,1st & 2nd Floor, Masjid Moth, South Ex II)

This place was a little easier to find. It is right next door to a 15th century mosque called Masjid Moth, so if your auto rickshaw driver can find their way to the mosque, you’ll have no problems finding this place, which is on its right hand side.

As I entered, I was taken into a room that resembled a lawyer’s office – it definitely didn’t have the feeling of a gay sauna, except that I could smell some nice aromatherapy smells. The lockers here are small and I couldn’t fit my rucksack inside, which meant that I had to keep most of my belongings in an unlocked area, which is not ideal.

The sauna area itself was, honestly, just really creepy. It was really really dark, but it wasn’t like a dark room maze, it was just like an empty, dark warehouse space. It’s kind of space where you would imagine really ghastly things happening to you. There is only one sauna-like amenity here, which is a steam room, and it’s no less terrifying than the open space of the sauna. It’s a pitch black dark box, with absolutely no seating inside, and no handle on the inside so you can’t get out unless you leave the door a little bit ajar.

There was only one other person inside at peak time on a Saturday evening, and the owner explained that this was because it was a national holiday in India and this is why it was a “flop party”. But even if there were more people there, I don’t think that I would want to go back.

One positive note to make is that the owner gave me a tip about a gay party in Delhi happening that night, which was actually loads of fun and the highlight of my Delhi trip. He wrote down all the details for me and I wouldn’t have had that fun night out if it wasn’t for him. So, nice guy, terrible sauna.

Have you ever visited a gay sauna in Delhi?

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