Before my recent jaunt to Copenhagen and Stockholm, I did my usual frantic internet searches to find the best gay saunas in the cities, but to my surprise, there is hardly a gay sauna culture in Scandinavia at all. In Stockholm, there are not any gay saunas, and in Copenhagen there is just one: Amigo.


When I go travelling, I can often feel overwhelmed by the number of choices that I have to make. I am a simple creature and having to decide where to eat, where to stay, which form of transport to use, and which gay bar to go to can just make feel exhausted. So I guess I was lucky in some respects that the lack of choice in gay saunas in Copenhagen made it very easy for me to decide what to do. Sauna Amigo it was.


This place is easy to find as it’s on the main gay street, Studiestræde. But I didn’t exactly feel welcomed by the entrance – a huge metal gate with a faded sign. I could tell instantly that this wasn’t going to be one of those gay saunas masquerading as a day spa. A trip to Amigo would be getting down to business. Frankly, the entrance to Amigo looked very industrial and prison like and unless I was committed to the cause of finding gay saunas around the world for you lot, I probably wouldn’t have dared to venture inside.


But what can I tell ya? I’m a martyr for the cause and in I went. The guy asked me what I was there for and I think that maybe he thought I had gone to the wrong place. “This is a gay sauna right?”, I said, and after handing over my 120 Danish kroner (£12, $16), I was given my towel, lube, condom, and locker key. I folded my towel in two across its width so it was teeny tiny, and I was all set to explore.


The first thing I noticed here was that there was a really nice mix of guys. Thin guys, muscled guys, fat guys, local guys, foreign guys, young guys, and old guys. This instantly made me feel comfortable (much more so than in Sauna Casanova in Barcelona where the guys were all ripped) and it also means that no matter who you are or what your type is, you are likely to get lucky.


I made my way up the set of stairs and I was plunged into darkness. I found myself in a maze of dark corridors that led to even darker rooms. Some so dark that I couldn’t see what was happening – I could only hear and, err, smell it. In the corridors, I could actually see what the guys looked like, which was comforting, so I didn’t spend too much time in those pitch black rooms. I get a bit freaked out by wandering hands when I have no idea what the person looks like.


I walked up another flight of stairs and the layout was almost identical. Another maze of rooms filled with guys, making lingering eye contact and waiting for something to happen. At this point I realised that I hadn’t seen any sign of an actual sauna in my time at Amigo, so I went wandering again. I had missed it by the entrance – a tiny sauna room that nobody was actually in. I sat inside for ten minutes and nobody came inside. This was clearly only a sauna in the most basic sense of the word, and the guys who visit Amigo are there for one thing and one thing only. Which is totally fair enough, but truth be told, I’m just not always up for getting down and dirty and I enjoy sitting in a jacuzzi – even if there’s jizz floating around in it.


I visited at around 12.30am and I anticipated that it was going to be empty, but there was a really decent sized crowd there. This could have been because I was visiting on Pride weekend and every gay establishment in the city was rammed, so I’d advise heading to Amigo at 2am to ensure that you’re immersed in local talent.


Would I visit again? Perhaps, depending on how I was feeling at the time. If I wanted to go to a cool place where I could relax in a steam room, then no. But there was a nice mix of guys and the place had a friendly, unpretentious feel about it.


Sauna Amigo – Studiestræde 31 A


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