The next time that you group your friends together for a gaycation, there is only one place that you should visit and that place is Mexico. As well as finding yourself in the land of delicious tacos, ridiculously cheap beer, and hot Latins, you will also have the opportunity to spend time on the gay-gay-gay beaches across the country. Here is your guide to three of the gayest beach spots in the country that brought us Paulina Rubio’s “Boys Will Be Boys.”

gay beach puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s gay beach

Puerto Vallarta is King of the Gays. At any time of the year, you will be able to find plenty of scantily clad homos on the beach as well as strewn over the many gay bars of this coastal town in Jalisco. But if you want a super-gay vacation experience then head to PV in December and January when the gay population swells to almost ridiculous proportions. Puerto Vallarta has a long stretch of beach, but there is one area that is just for the gays. Outside the Blue Chairs beach bar and restaurant (which is also gay and you can catch go-go dancers there throughout the day and night) is where you need to lay down your towel, apply some sunscreen, and prance about in your tiniest swimwear.

Cancun’s gay beach

There is no official gay beach in Cancun, but if there was one it would be Playa Delfines. This beach has such perfect white sand and turquoise water that it is verging on cliché. As this beach is not exclusively gay you will also see families and straight guys dotted around, but you will have absolutely no trouble spotting the gay men. All of the women lovin’ men opt for unflattering board shorts while the homo holiday-makers and locals wear as little as they possibly can without actually being naked. Although I am certain that there has also been some swimwear-down action in the ocean. There is also a smattering of gay bars and clubs in downtown Cancun so once you are done with the beach you will have no problems finding somewhere to party at night.

Zipolite’s gay beach

Even if you are not familiar with Zipolite, there is a good chance that you have seen Zipolite beach as it was used in the filming of the movie “Y Tu Mama Tambien”. This place has a bit of a hippie vibe, so don’t expect any multi-storied gay bars lining the beach. But as a place to relax in a gay-friendly atmosphere and beautiful location, Zipolite pretty much cannot be beaten. Oh, did we mention that this is a nudist beach? Yup, leave your Speedo at home unless you fancy some peculiar stares.

In conclusion: super-tight swimwear, the reliable Mexican sun, white sand, blue sea, hot Latin guys, naked hot Latin guys.

I rest my case. Mexico is the ultimate gay travel hotspot and you’d be a fool not to book a flight right now.

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