Gay Accessories

So this is my suitcase of accessories, brimming with homo must haves such as ties, bow-ties, belts, brooches, braces, cummerbunds and err… Mexican wrestling masks. Opening this treasure of bedazzled trinkets fills me with a sense of calm. Yes, I do have the bow-tie to match the colour of my new messenger bag. Yes, I do have a brooch and pair of braces that are perfectly co-ordinated. It must be akin to the feeling of security that straight people experience when a new Michael Buble album is released.

When I embark on my long-term trip on December 31st, I’ll be carrying a modestly sized backpack with me and so there will be tearful goodbyes as my big gay dress-up suitcase and I part ways. The shared sentiment amongst the backpacking community seems to be that one of the great benefits of wandering from place to place with just a backpack, is that your life becomes less about what you have and more about what you experience. Of course, I am in complete agreement that the experiences travelling can provide are infinitely rewarding – I wouldn’t be packing up and leaving everything I know in London if I didn’t think that was the case. And I certainly wouldn’t be leaving my case of accessories behind.

But I confess that I am sad to be leaving behind my “stuff”. On my last trip, a month in India, I was convinced that existing with just the possessions in my backpack wouldn’t be a big deal, but actually I found it very frustrating. Opening up my backpack to have a choice of two pairs of shorts, a couple of vests and a few t-shirts did not make me a happy homo backpacker.

Me, when I open my backpack. Via









I can only hope that on my upcoming (much longer) trip, I will get used to the idea of living with much less, and that I’ll be able let go of any resentment at not having a selection of bow-ties and bags at my disposal when I want to sashay to the nearest Gaysian bar. And, well, I might sneak a couple of bow-ties in – they are small after all.

Have you ever struggled with letting go of your possessions on a trip? What are your tips for travelling light?

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