Guadalajara is a super cool city and in my opinion it warrants far more visitors. It doesn’t seem to be massively on the tourist trail of Mexico even though it is the country’s second largest city and has huge amounts going on, from historical sights to public parks, galleries to gay nightlife. Here are my top 5 picks of things to see and do in Guadalajara.

1.       Order gay tacos

You know that a city is happenin’ when it has a gay taco stand, and I feel no shame about listing this as my #1 attraction in the city. I mean, gay tacos – how could it possibly get better than this? The taco stand is located in the downtown area and is surrounded by gay bars and hangouts. So you can have a cheap beer in a gay dancing spot, then gorge yourself on delicious tacos, and then repeat this until you keel over. Sounds like a good plan right? Just make sure you head there at night as this is a night-time taco stand.

gay tacos guadalajara

2.       The Hospicio Cabanas

I love the Hospicio Cabanas so much that I’ve already written a whole post about it and don’t want to repeat myself. But I cannot press strongly enough upon you just how great this place is. Part historical attraction, part beautiful building, part gallery – it’s the one place in Mexico that left me completely awestruck.

hospicio cabanas courtyard

3.       Teatro Degallado

This theatre is one of the main sights in Guadalajara, and a beautiful sight it is too. But I would urge you to not only observe from the outside but also to buy a ticket for a show. Don’t worry about not being able to speak Spanish because they often stage shows with traditional Mexican dancing, i.e. with no dialogue. I went to one of these shows in my first week in Mexico and it made me feel so Mexican-y, like. The dancing is impressive, the building is beautiful, the atmosphere is great, and it’s a true taste of traditional Mexico.

teatro degallado guadalajara















4.       Grab lunch at Mercado Libertad

I love a market, and in particular a Mexican one. So obviously I fell in love with Mercado Libertad instantly. It is massive and sells heaps of Mexican tat that nobody really needs. It also has a massive food area where you can grab yourself a cheap and delicious breakfast or lunch. The place is so huge that you will be able to find literally every kind of Mexican food here.  Chow down and enjoy your food in a uniquely Mexican atmosphere.

mercado libertad guadalajara

5.       Guadalajara Cathedral

Guadalajara’s cathedral is probably the most popular of all its sights, and is a must see for anybody visiting this city. And even if you don’t intend on visiting it, I doubt you will be able to miss it. It is huge and very striking. It’s a cliché, but this cathedral genuinely looks like something from the pages of a fairytale. The cathedral dates way back to 1541, but because of gunshots and earthquakes and other fun stuff, it has been restructured on multiple occasions. Just go see it, yeh?

guadalajara cathedral

There you have it, my top 5 picks for things to do in Guadalajara. Have you visited this city? What are your favourite things to do in Guadalajara?

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