London is an accommodating place. Head out for a night on the town in Gay London, and you’ll run into blonde twinky types, Spanish bears, muscled Gaysians, art school hipsters, and just about every other variety of gay and lady-gay in between. For all of the grey weather and constant drizzle, London is a pretty awesome haven for the gays – no matter where you’re from or what you’re interests are, if you are a homo in search of a home, London can be a place where you can make friends and create a life for yourself built on the corner stones of gay culture – dancing to Girls Aloud and drinking jagerbombs until you keel over.

But London’s fabulosity comes with a hefty price tag attached. Because no matter how you slice it and dice it, London is an expensive city to live in and an expensive city to visit. There wasn’t a time I lived in the city and wasn’t concerned about money. At the end of the month, it can be hard to find yourself a drinking buddy because everyone’s waiting for pay day until they can sashay to their local gay bar and err, dance to Girls Aloud and drink jagerbombs until they keel over.

A pint of beer in London will usually set you back between £3.50 and £4.50 ($5.50 to $7.20), so once you’ve hauled your arse to your nearest gay watering hole via London’s public transport system, you will only be able to buy yourself one measly drink (unless you have a particular talent for getting drinks bought for you). So what is a gay boy in London to do if it’s nearing the end of the month, he only has a crumpled ten bob note in his pocket, and he wants to dance and drink himself into homo oblivion? There is one not-so-secret bar in London where you will be able to have a dance, have a drink, and chase some tail, and that’s G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street.

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G-A-Y bar is no classy establishment but it’s refreshingly lacking in pretension and it does the job. Its job being a vehicle for, you guessed it, dancing to Girls Aloud and downing jagerbombs until you keel over. When you enter G-A-Y bar, you might be forgiven for thinking that you have entered a neon barnyard. Somehow, the smell of the toilet manages to waft through the three floors of this bar, so get yourself to the bar and order yourself a £1.70 drink quick-sharp before you are tempted to do a 180 out of there. You heard me right, DRINKS ARE £1.70! At least, from Sunday to Thursday, and you’ll be able to treat yourself to a pint of beer, a glass of the worst wine you have ever tasted, a spirit and mixer, or a precious jagerbomb for that sum of money.

Situated bang in the heart of Soho, this bar couldn’t be easier to find, and it’s full of tourists who want nothing more than to dance and have a good time on any night of the week, so even if you head out by yourself, you’ll be likely to make a new friend for the night.

And if you see a skinny lad pussy poppin’ to Girls Aloud in the corner – say hello 😉

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