It would not be a great exaggeration of the truth to say that I’m not brilliant with money. As I travel I’m having to pay off loans that I took out years ago in England. The loans were basically in aid of me enjoying my twenties and I pissed all the money up the wall. In an effort to be a little more money conscious, I’ve been keeping a record of everything I spend as I travel, and much to my surprise, I haven’t found it to be that much of an effort.

budget diary

Check me and my budget diary out.

Now that I’ve been ‘on the road’ for 4 weeks, I figured it was time to share my spending habits with you. In this month, I’ve managed to haul my homo bottom to Bangkok, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. These are supposed to be the more expensive parts of Thailand so I’m hoping that when I compare this to north Thailand in one month’s time I will be a little shocked at what I spent.

I’ve broken my spending into the following categories: accommodation, transport, food and drink (including alcohol in restaurants), bars and clubs, other entertainment (museums, massages, temples etc…), essentials (haircuts, shampoo, laundry etc…) and miscellaneous (things like mobile phone top-up and computer repairs).

Week 1: Bangkok

Accommodation: 1770 Baht; £37.51; $59.64

Transport: 721 Baht; £15.28; $24.30

Food and Drink: 1856 Baht; £39.33; $62.54

Bars and Clubs: 1347 Baht; £28.54; $45.39

Other Entertainment: 600 Baht; £12.71; $20.22

Essentials: 50 Baht; £1.06; $1.68

Miscellaneous: 1630 Baht; £34.54; $54.92

Total: 7974 Baht; £168.98; $268.67


Week 2: Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan

Accommodation: 2795 Baht; £59.23; $94.17

Transport: 1659 Baht; £35.16; $55.90

Food and Drink: 1495 Baht; £31.68; $50.37

Bars and Clubs: 200 Baht; £4.24; $6.74

Other Entertainment: 230 Baht; £4.87; $7.75

Essentials: 626 Baht; £13.27; $21.09

Miscellaneous: 150 Baht; £3.18; $5.05

Total: 7155 Baht; £151.62; $241.08


Week 3: Koh Phangan

Accommodation: 2500 Baht; £52.98; $84.23

Transport: 450 Baht; £9.54; $15.16

Food and Drink: 1911 Baht; £40.50; $64.39

Bars and Clubs: 0 Baht; £0; $0

Other Entertainment: 0 Baht; £0; $0

Essentials: 0 Baht; £0; $0

Miscellaneous: 678 Baht; £14.37; $22.84

Total: 5539 Baht; £117.38; $186.63


Week 4: Koh Phangan and Bangkok

Accommodation: 1680 Baht; £35.60; $56.61

Transport: 1452 Baht; £30.77; $48.92

Food and Drink: 1218 Baht; £25.81; $41.04

Bars and Clubs: 1217 Baht; £25.79; $41.01

Other Entertainment: 290 Baht; £6.15; $9.77

Essentials: 545 Baht; £11.55; $18.36

Miscellaneous: 150 Baht; £3.18; $5.05

Total: 6552 Baht; £138.84; $220.76


My complete 4 week total is: 27220 Baht; £576.82; $917.14

Under £600 is not bad for a first timer, but I reckon that I can do better in February. Here are some of the things that my £576.82 bought me in my first month of travels.

Visits to stunning temples in Bangkok…

bangkok temple


Topping up my tan on Haad Yao, Koh Phangan…

haad yao beach

Eating awesome street food just about everywhere…

bangkok street food

Exploring Bangkok’s gay scene…

gay sex show bangkok

Floating market fun times…

khlong lat mayom market

All in all, a bloody great month. Here’s to many more.

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