You know how I like to go on about hating hostels so much, complaining about people having sex in the dorm room, and people looking at me like I’m an alien for going to bed at 10pm? Well, the truth is that I haven’t hated absolutely every hostel I have stayed in, and there was one that I properly fell in love with: Mile Map Hostel in Bangkok. In fact, this was the first hostel I ever stayed in, and the first stop on my pan-Asian journey that started right at the beginning of 2013. Before you go thinking that Mile Map are sending me wads of cash for writing a glowing report about my stay with them, that is 100% not the case. I have been meaning to write about my stay there for ages, and purely because I loved it so much. Here is why…

Mile Map Hostel 1

It is perfectly located

And by perfectly located, I of course mean that it is located within the gay neighbourhood of Silom. Silom is also the financial district, but by night it completely transforms and the streets are completely lined with homos out for a good time. I really appreciated being able to go to the night-time gay spots of Silom Soi 2 and Silom Soi 4 and then to stumble home in a drunken haze. Bangkok is a pretty big city, so if you land in the wrong spot you might find that you are nowhere near any gay bars, clubs, or saunas at all. And what would be the point of that, eh? Oh, it’s also pretty close to Lumphini Park, which is basically the only green space in the whole of the city, if you like that sort of thing.

A lovely, family run business

This hostel has all the perks of being family owned and managed. The staff’s relationship with guests feels that much more personal and they seem to really care about their business. But it still manages to avoid the pitfalls of a family owned business, like people not being around to answer questions. The staff were always super friendly, but also completely professional – the perfect blend.

Great transport links

From Mile Map, you can walk to two separate MRT stations and to the river to catch a river ferry. Bangkok seems to have this reputation as a city that is difficult to navigate, but I did not experience that at all and I think it is because I had these awesome transport links within a walkable distance. I managed to get everywhere I needed to go in the city with great efficiency.

Fantastic common spaces

Unlike most backpackers, I work and travel at the same time. This means that I really appreciate it when somewhere I stay has areas where I can work. Mile Map doesn’t just have a common space with a telly, it has loads of work-friendly spaces that enabled me to work when I needed to.

Mile Map Hostel

It’s just pretty

Mile Map is also extremely well designed. From walking through the front door, you can immediately tell that a lot of time was spent designing the interiors. Of course, it is important to consider the facilities when you book into a hostel or any other type of accommodation, but great design can transform a place from “just another hostel” into somewhere you want to return to. That’s exactly how I feel about Mile Map.

Mile Map Hostel 2

Now that I’ve written this article, I have convinced myself that Mile Map is not just the best hostel in Bangkok, but the best hostel in the world! Do yourself a favour and stay there.


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